Sunday, July 03, 2005

Baby Gender Mentor™: At Home Gender Test

Baby Gender Mentor™: At Home Gender Test Who could ever have dreamt that home testing would evolve so rapidly and quickly !


  1. Anonymous3:57 AM

    The majority of the women who are complaining on In-Gender haven't even HAD their babies yet. Most of them are basing their complaints on ultrasound conflictions -- ultrasounds are NOT 100% accurate. (I have several friends who had wrong ultrasound gender predictions and boy were they surprised in the delivery room...)

    Some of them are complaining because amnios or CVSs are conflicting. There are scientific and medical reasons that may be causing the conflictions -- most of them are scary (like genetic problems with the baby). With more and more IVF babies, there are more and more genetic problems with those babies.

    The Baby Gender Mentor is using DNA to test for the gender. That's science.

    My husband is a scientist and knows all about this kind of stuff. He told me that scientists have been trying to do this for decades. He was so excited when he heard about this test. Apparently the scientist who invented the test is well-known as a pioneer in the field.

    It's a known FACT that the baby's DNA passes into the mother's blood. The Baby Gender Mentor lab is able to identify that DNA and tell you if you're having a boy or a girl. I think that's simply amazing!

    When we found out we were pregnant we ordered the test after we knew we were 5 weeks into our pregnancy from We just couldn't wait to find out! The Baby Gender Mentor test said we're having a girl. (We would've been happy either way, but knowing it's a girl is helpnig us choose a name, pick out nursery decorations, etc.)

    I would highly recommend the Baby Gender Mentor test. Several of our friends have used the test, too, and were really happy with the results.


  2. Anonymous11:25 AM


    That's great for you. I also did the Baby Gender Mentor test. My husband isn't a scientist, but he is an attorney and right now he is having to fight to get our refund. I gave birth to a healthy, perfectly normal baby boy after being told by Acu-Gen that my result was a girl. I am re-painting a pink nursery right now. I'd hold judgement about this test until you have your baby, because right now you don't seem much smarter than the women complaining on that web site.


  3. Anonymous5:20 AM

    My question is, why the heck are women PAINTING nurseries based on this test??? Why not wait and have it confirmed by your usual level II ultrasound? I took this test for fun at 5 wks and they told me I was having a girl. I DID have a girl. But all along, I know that nothing is ever certain (yes I agree the 99% accuracy should be taken off the box and website) and I didn't go out shopping or decorating until I at least had my level II u/s. So come on people, use some common sense and STOP PAINTING ROOMS and buying stuff until you have conclusive evidence of what you're having.


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