Sunday, March 27, 2005

A simple way to help you make the most of your doctor's visit

Doctors are very busy people, and have little time to talk to you. However, since it's well known that your medical history is the most important diagnostic tool at your doctor's disposal, how can you make sure you tell your doctor all the relevant facts about your medical history ? The answer is simple - prepare a one-page written summary of your medical story and give it to your doctor. Let it read like a story and don't worry about using technical terms - just tell your story in your own words. It's simple - just use the following to guide you.
I am worried about...
I was last completely well ...
The problem started on..
It gets better when..
It gets worse when..
I have tried the following remedies...
This will ensure you don't forget anything important; and will also help your doctor to give you the right treatment.

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