Saturday, March 26, 2005

Embryo research - the birth of a new era in the UK

Reproductive freedom - allowing patients to choose for themselves: "If you can fertilise embryos in a dish to make babies, what is the role of the state in deciding who can benefit from this technology and what they can use it for ? We decided to take an evidence-based approach, that you shouldn’t tell people what they can and can’t do, unless there is evidence that there is harm to individuals or to society."
This is NOT allowing doctors to play God - it is simply permitting parents the right to choose - personal rights which need to be protected in a democracy ! I wonder why we raise such a hue and cry over the rights of embryos, when we allow parents to send their children to factories to work as slave labour for 16 hours for a pittance.
In India, we do not even have the resources to protect our children , so why do we try to divert them to protect the embryo ? Wouldn't it make much more sense to allocate our resources more sensibly ?

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