Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Poking fun at quacks

Poking fun at quacks : "The people who are deceived by these quacks are not stupid - they simply do not have the scientific knowledge or even the critical thinking skills to separate truth from nonsense. It is the duty of doctors and skeptics to not only oppose quackery but to educate consumers and patients about what is possible and what is not. " Laughing at quacks and their tall claims is a great way of teaching the public the truth about them.

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  1. Dear Doctor,

    Who are quacks really? I would say that a person who promises a cure in exchange for money but ends up damaging the health of the patient, is a quack. Now going by this definition modern medicine is a very acute case of "scientific quackery". I have been shouting hoarse at this blatant quackery for more than a decade now.

    I think a system of medicine which has been beating around the bush for more than three centuries should refrain from pointing out the mistakes of others.

    What is truth and what is nonsense? The truth is that disease is a dynamic entity that grips the vital force of the patient. This dynamic entity needs a dynamic energy based cure. Nonsense is presuming the patient to be a mechanical entity, a combination of organs, and prescribing static drugs. Now who is practising the truth and who is preaching nonsense?

    The public are today flocking to the so called "homeopathy quacks", "ayurvedic quacks", "Reiki quacks" because they are getting results.

    Modern medicine today cannot fulfill even the first sentence of the Hippocratic Oath, "Do no harm". Iatrogenic diseases, or diseases caused by medicines and medical procedures, is the single largest killer today. People do not want to die or live crippled lives, that is why they prefer quacks over professional with "scientific knowledge" and "critical thinking skills". Today's educated patients are looking for cures not "disease management".

    Let the one who is sinless throw the first stone.

    Many "quack busters" have suffered severe reverses in court cases, as you must be aware. The Jury were not fooled by their claims.

    Modern science should give more emphasis on clinical evidence than "scientific evidence". This is because physical science, as it is today, has not yet evolved enough to know how homeopaths, ayurveds,Reiki practitioners, chiropacters, energy healers and such others can cure their patients.



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