Monday, February 28, 2005

Protect yourself from quacks !

Protect yourself from quackery :
All of us would like to become younger, sexier and thinner, and to live longer! Given these universal needs, it is hardly surprising that quackery flourishes all over the world. 'Quackery' is derived from the word quacksalver (a throwback to the days when travelling salesmen would boast about the healing powers of their salves). Since quacks quack, quackery's paramount characteristic is hype and promotion rather than simply fraud, greed, or misinformation - though these qualities often go hand in hand!

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  1. Dear Doctor,

    Your excellent articles on this site point to the fact that you have a good idea about medical ethics and proper medical procedures. However some posts reflect your entrenched "old mindset". Hence I have chosen to reply to those posts that stuck out.

    This is one such post.

    Till today it cannot be definitely said that modern medicine has a final solution to our ills. As modern medicine develops, disease too seems to grow in leaps and bounds. Perhaps this is an issue to be studied in depth? There is definitely some connection between the two facts.

    We are told of "intelligent viruses" when in fact scientists today are critical of the virus theory. (You can go through the site for the ongoing debate whether HIV causes AIDS). If we study the life of Louis Pasteur, the "father of viruses", we come across a very interesting statement. "Viruses require a prepared field to breed". Therefore the "prepared field" is the cause for disease and not the virus per se.

    When the garbage starts to rot, worms and flies appear. So is it not common sense to infer that rotting precedes the viruses?

    This grand statement has been echoed in the "Charaka Samhita" an ayurvedic test written between 500 to 300BC, ie approximately 3000 years ago. Ayurveda stresses on good health, building a good immune system, living a life in tune with Nature, and the prevention of health breakdowns. Modern medicine, on the other hand, thrives on disease.

    Similiar views are expressed by homeopaths, Reiki healers, Nutritionists and other alternate GENUINE healing systems.

    Thus we can safely infer that it is modern medicine which is thriving on "hype and promotion" AND ALSO "fraud, greed and misinformation". Health is today a burdgeoning bullying money spinning industry. Healing has been thrown out of the picture.

    Hoping you will suitably correct your blog.


    Ps: I have written down my comments because you have requested visitors to air their opinions.


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