Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ask a Patient: Medicine Ratings

Ask a Patient: Medicine Ratings and Health Care Opinions
Here's an interesting twist. This site provides patient feedback on medications they have tried and what their experience with the medications have been. I guess it's worthwhile to hear things from the end-user's perspective, especially for medications like Viagra and acne treatment. This is onw way of getting more "end-user input " into the " healthcare industry " !


  1. Just checking out the other blogs on acne body and came across yours, not bad, just getting ideas for my acne bodyblog. Take Care.

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Many people believe that acne is part of growing up. When your mother sees you worried about acne, she will say this is part of being a teenager. However, if you are adult experiencing acne, then you will know there is problem. It is true that acne is a problem because people dread having it. However, because acne has been around so long, science already have an answer to this problem. Acne treatment products are now widely available. Therefore, you do not need to experience feeling of self-pity if you see acne in your face, acne treatment products will help you get rid of them.
    There is an acne questionnaire that is helpful in diagnosing your problem and recommending a solution.
    I hope that this proves to be helpful. I think we've all been through it to some extent.


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