Saturday, February 26, 2005

Coaching for Effective Communication with your doctor

Coaching for Effective Communication: Excellent guidelines on how to coach someone to prepare for their consultation with their doctor, so they can express themselves clearly !
Although it is most often thought of in conjunction with sports, coaching can be an aid to better performance in many areas. Even highly paid executives use coaching in order to improve their administrative skills. When you give people the opportunity to practice something and then give them feed back on the results, you are coaching them. Coaching is most useful when a person is interested in trying a new behavior.
In this case, you can use coaching to improve your ability to discuss medical alternatives with your doctor.

Use This Pattern to Dialogue

Present the problem: When (describe the problem), I feel (describe the feeling) because (give the reason), Example: When you say that I need to have surgery next week, I feel apprehensive because I'm afraid that I'll have to give up breastfeeding, which is very important to me.

Listen to the doctor. First respond by demonstrating that you were listening: As you see it, it is vital that I have this surgery now and though it may interrupt breastfeeding, you feel certain that it is for the best.

Second, respond with a question: Is there any possibility that the surgery could wait six weeks?

Share information: l have been doing some research on the subject and I read that...

Make a request: Could you tell me more about... ?

Set a limit: I'm not willing to wean my baby right now.

Recycle the process three to five times as needed.

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