Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Email as the preferred mode of doctor-patient communication

I always request my patients to email me rather than phone me for non-urgent matters. I find this is much easier for them - and for me ! I reply to all emails within 24 hours - and since they have to write down their queries, they are well-organised and ask much better questions, so my answers are better. Also, since I give them a written reply, there is much less scope for misunderstandings ! This way, we don't have to waste time playing telephone tag also !

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    My comment is that I completly agree with the idea of us patients being able to write emails to doctors.

    I have some priblems that I keep hidden and pretend I do not have as I am too scared to go visit a doctor about them and would rather keep the last bit of dignty I have left.

    However eberywhere on the net I look i cannot find a doctors email address I just want a bit of talk that just might alter my perception on life.


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