Sunday, February 13, 2022

IVF patients need to have realistic expectations !

The most important thing IVF patients need when they start an IVF cycle is to have realistic expectations, because the truth of the matter is that IVF does not have a 100% success rate . However, no patient would start an IVF cycle until they were sure in their heart of hearts that the cycle would work for them. This is why they go to pieces when the cycle fails.

However, IVF is the one treatment that maximizes your chances of having a baby , and the cumulative conception rate progressively increases as you do more cycles , provided you do this in a good IVF Clinic.

There is a big difference between a good IVF clinic and a bad IVF Clinic , and it’s the patient's responsibility to find the right IVF clinic . The problem is that this is something most patients aren’t comfortable doing, because they naively believe that all doctors are pretty much the same .

This is a big problem in India , because doctors have a paternalistic attitude , and refuse to explain anything to patients. The problem is compounded because patients are too scared to ask them questions !

This ignorance can prove to be very expensive , because patients need to understand that there are only two groups of factors in an IVF cycle - things which are in your control , and things which are not in your control .

There is no point in worrying about all the 50 different things which are not in your control - for example , your age , or your ovarian reserve , or your bank balance.

However, there are many factors which are definitely in your doctor's control , and this includes variables such as deciding which superovulation protocol to use for you , and whether to do a Day 5 or Day 3 transfer.

Patients need to make well-informed decisions , so that no matter what the outcome of the cycle may be , you should have peace of mind that the doctor followed the right process , and did everything humanly possible to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

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