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How to find the best IVF Clinic?

Take the time to check out IVF clinics to find the ideal one for you. Don't just go with the first clinic that answers the phone; fertility testing and treatment is a huge step that can cost a lot of money and take a long time. You want to make the best decision possible.

 When it comes to the best, deciding on a fertility clinic is a personal and subjective process. It's possible that the greatest clinic for your friend isn't the best clinic for you. Solicit referrals from friends, doctors, and local support groups, but make sure you thoroughly explore any clinic you are considering.

When looking into clinics, you can find the following information:

• On their respective websites

• Via contacting a clinic representative by phone or in person.

• At a consultation, you can meet and interview your potential doctor.

Taking into account Fertility Specialists

The doctors at a reproductive clinic are only as excellent as their patients. You may be allocated to one doctor or visit a few different doctors on a rotational basis, depending on how the clinic runs. Both configurations have merits and cons, but in most cases, you want one doctor to be your primary contact and case manager.


When choosing a doctor, keep the following questions in mind:

 • Do they respond to your inquiries in a timely manner? Is it possible to send queries via email during the testing and treatment process? If they won't meet with you before you choose them, they might not be able to accommodate you as a patient. It's not a good indicator if they refuse to answer your queries right away. 

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 • When and where did they receive their training?  What is their experience with infertile patients?

 • How long has the clinic's director been there? What about the rest of the team? The longer people work at the clinic, the more probable it is that everything will operate smoothly.

 • Is there an embryologist on staff at the IVF clinic?

It is critical to have a qualified, experienced in-house embryologist in the IVF clinic who will play a crucial part in your treatment.

Questions to Ask About Testing and Treatment Financing

 The financial parts of testing and treatment are usually handled by personnel at most clinics. On your first visit to the clinic, they should be able to answer your inquiries about pricing and payment arrangements, and you should sit down to explore your alternatives and ask questions.

Questions to Ask About Procedures and the Laboratory at the Fertility Clinic

 The following are some questions to bring up with your doctor:

 Is there a lab on-site at the clinic, or would you have to go somewhere else? If you must go somewhere else, how far is it from the clinic?

 • What types of operations can you perform at this clinic? Do they offer In vitro fertilisation (IVF)? ICSI? Other assisted reproductive technologies options, such as blastocyst transfer? Is the procedure done at the clinic or somewhere else? 

 • Do you have any donor or surrogacy options? Is there a donation programme at the clinic, or do you have to go via an agency? Are you limited to donations from their programme if they have one, or may you utilise an agency if you want? Is it possible to donate an embryo? What if you decide to give any of your remaining embryos to another couple who is having trouble becoming pregnant or to science? Is it possible for them to assist you with that?

 • In a single cycle, how many embryos are transferred? Who makes the decision about how many embryos to transfer: the doctor or the patient? We at Malpani Infertility strongly advise transferring only one blastocyst per cycle and no more than two for women under 35 with a favourable prognosis. 

 • Is the IVF Centre certified by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and have a registration Number for the same. 

Malpani Infertility Clinic is recognized by the Govt of India and is enrolled under the National Registry of ART Clinics in India of ICMR. Our Enrolment number is 10051.

 • Does the lab do embryo cryopreservation? What about sperm and eggs? What happens to the spare embryos, after they've been implanted? 

  Other things to think about before picking a clinic are the following:

 • Not everyone is fortunate enough to live near the clinic that they require. Travel time is vital to consider, especially if you're performing IVF and will be at the clinic virtually every day for a portion of your cycle. If you must travel, keep in mind that you will require lodging and time off from work.

 • Is the staff friendly? You'll most likely stay with the clinic for months. Do they respond to your inquiries? By email ? On the phone, are they polite and helpful? Or do you have the impression that they are rushing you?

 • What are the clinic's hours and days of operation? Are there any additional early or late hours available so that you can have monitoring appointments before or after work? Is it possible to visit them on the weekend?

 • Is there a specific time you can call your doctor or nurse to ask questions or get updates? 

Walk away from a clinic that promises you success, especially success in only one cycle. Whatever the cause of your infertility, there is no such thing as a 100 percent guarantee with IVF.

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