Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Why patients need to understand the technical minutiae of IVF


Whenever I talk to patients about the medical details and the technical minutia of the IVF treatment cycles - things like their embryo quality and grading; how we select the right treatment protocol for them; and why vitrification works so well – I often find their eyes glaze over , and they appear bored and disinterested .

It seems that patients don't want to become medical experts – they just want to want to find a medical expert whom they can trust , and who they are confident has enough medical knowledge and expertise to be able to get them pregnant .

Now the point of sharing medical knowledge with patients is not to try to make them doctors. We respect their intelligence, and just want to help them understand exactly what we are doing , and why we are doing it , so they understand what's the doctor’s control and what is not .

At the end of the day , a well-informed patient has realistic expectations of IVF treatment , and will also have peace of mind that the doctor has provided them with the best possible medical care available . This way, they know they have done everything humanly possible to maximize their chances of getting pregnant .

This is why it's important that you take an intelligent interest in your treatment .

For Heaven's sake , please don't assume that you need to be a doctor in order to be able to understand all this . There is absolutely no reason for you to underestimate your intelligence - all you need is curiosity and patience . IVF treatment is not Rocket Science , and you can figure out the details.  A good doctor will actually help you understand what is going on – and it’s in both the patient’s and the doctor’s best interests that you know exactly what's happening , so you are in control of your life, and don’t have any regrets later on that you left any stone unturned in your quest for a baby


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