Saturday, May 22, 2021

The best way to improve your chances of IVF success is by reducing your risk of IVF failure !


When an IVF cycle fails , patients are distraught and heart-broken.

When they ask the doctor for an explanation, the doctors starts concocting all sorts of reasons rather than being honest and say – I don’t know.

Some of them blame “bad eggs or bad sperm” for the IVF failure.

This makes no sense to me – after all, the whole point of doing IVF treatment is to bypass these problems !

What the doctor is effectively doing is subtly blaming the patient for the IVF failure,  and this just adds insult to injury.

The doctor should be upfront with the patient , and explain to them at time of the embryo transfer that they cannot predict whether the embryo will implant or not – no one in the world can !

It’s important to provide photos of the embryos to the patient, so the patient can see the doctor is being open, transparent and respectful.

The problem is that most IVF clinics don’t do this, which is why patients lose trust in IVF doctors.

And once the patient has encountered one bad doctor ( and wasted a lot of money on their treatment), they don't trust any other doctor in the future .

This is why you need to ask questions proactively , so that you find a doctor who is happy to share information with you , and who doesn't talk down to you or underestimate your intelligence .

Not only does a good IVF doctor do his best to make sure that are you going to get pregnant in the IVF cycle , he also makes sure that you are well informed as to what is going on.

While it's true that the outcome of the IVF cycle is not in the doctor’s hand, the IVF process definitely is, and the more actively engaged you are in your treatment , the more actively engaged the doctor will be as well 

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