Friday, May 21, 2021

How we go out of our way in helping our patients to get pregnant


This COVID19 crisis has been extremely difficult - for patients as well as doctors .

This is specially true for IVF clinics, and most patients aren’t sure whether they can go ahead with their treatment, because of the Lockdown.

They aren’t sure if they should start their treatment, or wait.

Many of them have got fed waiting for the Lockdown to stop, but the Government seems to keep on extending it indefinitely, and they can’t keep on waiting for ever, because their biological clock is ticking on.

Others are waiting to get vaccinated, so they feel protected and can start IVF.

The good news is we have been working through the lockdown, because medical services are essential, and none of our patients has got infected with COVID during the IVF treatment.

The precautions we take help to protect them and keep them safe.

However, the Lockdown has made life harder for our patients, and one of our patients couldn’t come to the clinic to get her HCG injection.

One of our nurses, Pooja, very kindly offered to go to Borivali Railway Station and deliver the HCG injection to her, so her treatment wouldn’t be impacted.

We did her pickup as scheduled, and she is now happily pregnant !

This is the benefit of taking treatment in a boutique IVF clinic, where we treat patients as humans, and not as widgets !

Our focus is on maximizing patient pregnancy rates , not on maximizing revenue !

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