Monday, February 01, 2021

Why IVF does not cause you to put on weight !


One of the most prevalent myths about IVF is that it causes women to put on weight .

This is a myth which needs to be busted .

Putting on weight is a mathematical equation , and occurs when caloric intake is more than caloric expenditure . After all, the additional weight can’t come from thin air !

Now,  IVF treatment doesn't increase your calorie intake , or reduce your caloric expenditure and therefore it’s clear that it can’t make you put on weight .

However, what often happens is that women tend to put themselves on bed rest during their IVF treatment . This is because they think that this will help to increase the chances of the embryo implanting – or this is what their doctors and family members have advised them to do.

Now, if you curtail your physical activity, you will put on weight – but it’s not fair to blame the IVF for the weight gain .

Also, during IVF treatment , there is a certain degree of fluid retention , because of the hormonal injections we give you. However, when we stop the injections, these hormones get excreted in the urine , so the fluid also gets excreted, and your body weight goes back to normal.

Please stop getting misled by all these old wives tales .

If you understand the scientific basis behind IVF treatment , you will not worry about this anymore !

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