Thursday, February 11, 2021

IVF patients need to learn to be proactive in their IVF treatment


When you do IVF, you don’t need to become an IVF expert , but it does mean that you should know enough about IVF to be able to differentiate between a good IVF doctor and a bad IVF doctor , so you don't allow bad IVF doctors to take you for a ride .

Before you sign up for an IVF cycle, please interview the doctor and ask questions !

You need to do your homework as well, so you can assess whether his answers fit in with global best practices  , or if he is advising treatment which is completely contrary to what evidence based medicine guidelines suggest . This means that he may be taking you for a ride .

It also shows whether or not he is willing to share information with you. Is he patient ? Does he take time to explain ? Is he kind and empathetic ? Or does he get irritated ? Is he in a rush ?

Finally, this gives you a chance to assess the chemistry between you and the doctor .

Not every patient is going to like every doctor , and you need to find someone whom you are comfortable with .

Not all doctors are created equal , and this is specially true for IVF, where any gynecologist can call themselves an IVF specialist, even if they have no special expertise or experience in doing IVF.

You cannot afford to leave everything up to the doctor – no matter how posh his clinic, or how highly he has been recommended !

You need to take an intelligent interest in your treatment,  so that no matter what the final outcome is, you have peace of mind that you received world-class medical care


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