Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Don't allow your IVF doctor to cheat you !


Please do not allow your doctor to take you for a ride

In a perfect world , every IVF doctor would be competent, skills and caring.

He would be honest with his patients, and share information transparently, because he took pride in being accountable and answerable .

This is what the Government hopes to achieve by passing the Law regulating ART and registering IVF clinic, but the reality is that no matter what the government does , there will always be a few bad apples amongst IVF doctors, and these bad actors will give all IVF clinics a bad name .

They will take patients for a ride , and harm the doctor-patient relationship because patients will stop trusting doctors.

While it’s great that the government wants to regulate IVF clinics , I think it's far more important that patients learn to differentiate between good clinics and bad clinics .

The best way to do that is to make sure that your are doctor doesn't try to take you for a ride , and this is why you need to be well informed , so that you understand exactly what's involved in IVF treatment , and you can check the doctor is doing what the textbooks recommend !

Please don't allow the doctor to bulldoze you with jargon .

You need a doctor who will give you a treatment plan before starting the cycle , so you know exactly what to expect . The doctor needs to stick to the treatment plan , so there aren’t any surprises. And if there are deviations , he should explain this .

Every good doctor will give you photographs of your embryos proactively and routinely - even without your asking for them , so that you can know that you have received the best possible medical care , and the procedure has been done properly .

The only way to make sure that you don’t end up in a clinic is to proactively asking all these difficult questions . If the doctor takes offence , that in itself is a Red Flag , because any good doctor actually wants patients to understand what they're doing , and why they are doing .

Good doctors take pride in providing high quality medical care, and patients need to be well-informed in order to appreciate this !

However, if the doctor stonewalls, and is no willing to share information with you, this in itself should tell you that you need to change your doctor !


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