Monday, July 13, 2020

Making sense of IVF treatment

Many patients are intimidated by the idea of doing IVF .

It’s not just that it's an expensive treatment , or that the success rate is not 100-percent . The mental block seems to be that it’s artificial and very complicated . They are not sure what the effects of “pumping their bodies with hormones” will be, and have heard lots of horror stories about complications , such as multiple pregnancies or hyperstimulation .

This is why it’s so important that you understand exactly what's involved in an IVF Cycle before starting your treatment, so that you get the best possible treatment .

The best metaphor is to compare IVF to bypass surgery . What we are doing in a IVF cycle is bypassing the fallopian tubes in an IVF cycle, that’s all. Just like a cardiac surgeon bypasses blocks in the coronary arteries to treat patients with heart disease , in IVF we bypass the fallopian tubes , and replace these in vitro with the “test tube” !

Making embryos in the IVF lab  and then transferring them in the uterus directly allows us to bypass the tubes, and that's why IVF pregnancy rates are so high.

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