Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What should a patient do when IVF doctors disagree ?

Infertile couples are often very confused when they go to IVF doctors , because they get widely varying different opinions , and they're not sure whom they can trust.

There are many reasons why IVF doctors don’t agree with each other.

For one thing, our IVF technology is still not perfect, which means we still cannot even make an accurate diagnosis, and have to label many couples as having “unexplained infertility” because we cannot clearly and accurately identify the underlying problem.

Because no one really knows what the truth is, everyone interprets tests the way they want, based on their experience and preconceived notions, and there’s no right answer !

The second big problem is that there are two important variables which influence the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. One is called the “ trying time” -  how long an infertile couple has been trying to get pregnant; and the second is the fact that the”  natural history “ of untreated infertility is unpredictable.

Thus, even infertile couples who haven't been able to get pregnant for five years, could still perhaps get pregnant on their own, if they continue trying.

This is why the individual doctor's personal preferences are going to influence what the doctor advises the patient, because they are so swayed by their personal experiences and anecdotal success stories.

Thus, some doctors are aggressive , and will advise IVF for everyone, whereas others are much more conservative , and will want to explore simpler options first, before advising IVF.

Patients need to recognize this subjectivity, and find a doctor whose preference and philosophy matches theirs !

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