Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Please don't abandon your embryos !

As IVF technology gets progressively better, we're able to grow more eggs and create more top quality embryos. Now we can't transfer all the embryos at a time, because of the risk of a multiple pregnancy, which means patients are left with supernumerary (spare ) embryos. We encourage all patients to freeze their spare embryos , because each embryo is worth its weight in gold.
Our technology for freezing and storing embryos using the technology of vitrification has become so good that survival rates after thawing are practically 100%, which means the pregnancy rate with these embryos is as good as with fresh embryos !  And the cost of doing a frozen –thaw cycle is much less because it's so much simpler and easier – you don’t need to take any injections at all !
So if you do have spare embryos, please freeze them. Yes, freezing will add to your cost up front, but it's a very worthwhile investment.
And the bonus is that if you do get pregnant with your first transfer, you can use your frozen embryos for your next baby, to complete your family !

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