Monday, February 10, 2020

The problem with IVF tests

A big problem with IVF is the uncertainty which surrounds it, because no one knows which cycle is going to work.
Patients have unrealistic expectations of IVF technology, and when the cycle fails, they demand scientific answers for why it failed !  And doctors compound the problem by running even more tests, in order to "diagnose" the cause of the failure.
However, the reality is that they're not able to do this because embryo implantation is a complex biological process, which we cannot control and we cannot monitor. After all, there is no way of being able to track the fate of a microscopic ball of cells once we put it back into the uterus !
The truth is that don't know which embryo will implant and which one won't - and we need to have the guts to share our ignorance and uncertainty with our patients.
However, IVF doctors are worried that if we tell the patient the truth , they will no longer respect us . This is why researchers manufacture a lot of very expensive , esoteric  and exotic tests , in order to demonstrate to the patient that we are trying to figure out exactly what the problem was !
However, the reality is we're just taking the patient for a ride ! When patients spend a lot of money, this is good for the doctor, but these tests don't provide any useful answers , because they are experimental and unproven.

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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