Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why we don't give cuts or kickbacks to referring doctors

It's a well known fact that most IVF clinics, like most medical specialists , will give cuts and kickbacks to GPs , family physicians and gynecologists as a referral , fee in order to increase their business. This is especially true for corporate chains of IVF clinics, which have a separate marketing department and marketing reps , who get paid to wine and dine doctors , to induce them to refer patients.
From a business perspective, this makes a lot of sense ! This helps them to increase their workload, and they don't mind sharing profits with the referring doctors. It's  true that the GPs end up taking away a lot of the money, but it's better than sitting and twiddling your thumbs, and doing nothing because you don't have any patients !
At Malpani Infertility Clinic, we also know that if we started giving kickbacks, we would get a lot more referrals from GPs as well. But this is a very conscious decision we've made, and have never given a single rupee ever as a cut. This is a claim very few IVF clinics can make !
Not only is this the ethical thing to do,  the reason we have adopted this principle is that it ensures that we are free to do what is in our patient's best interest.
Most other clinics end up doing IVF for every patient who is referred to them, just because the GP wants a slice of the fee, and IVF is the most profitable treatment for doctors to offer . They end up compromising the patient's interests, by putting their needs for profits first !

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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