Saturday, June 08, 2019

Does IVF cause cancer?

This is one of the common concerns which IVF patients have, because they know that hormones are responsible for increasing the risk for cancers such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 

Since the IVF doctor is pumping your body full of all these reproductive hormones to help you to grow lots of eggs, won't IVF patients be at increased risk for these cancers later on ?

Is it worth taking this risk just in order to have a baby?

This is a very valid concern, but you need to remember that the hormones we use in IVF are natural hormones. They all get excreted promptly after the cycle is over , so they don't hang around in your body to cause any mischief.

Now it is true that some women who do IVF will get breast cancer later on in their life,  simply because breast cancer is so common - about 15% of all women will get breast cancer.

However, it's not that they got breast cancer because they did IVF -  they would have got breast cancer whether they'd done the IVF or not !

However, when someone gets get breast cancer after doing IVF , they always blame the IVF cycle for the cancer !

This is a misconception, and if it were in fact true, you would start seeing an epidemic of cancer, because so many IVF cycles are being done.

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