Monday, June 10, 2019

What is the cost of an IVF cycle?

This is a common question which patients ask, but it's actually a poorly framed question, because what they should be asking is, "What is the cost of getting an IVF baby?" 
After all, the only reason you do IVF is because you want to get a baby, so this is the only outcome which is meaningful !
Now, both these questions are hard to answer. 
It's much easier to answer how much money you're going to spend on an IVF cycle, because you know what the doctor charges, and how much the medications will cost you. 
However, you don't know which attempt will result in a baby, which means it can be very hard to calculate how much you will end up spending in your quest for a baby !
This is why it's equally important to understand what the success rates of the IVF clinic are, and more importantly, how those figures apply to you as an individual.
Therefore, you need to think in terms of the cost per baby, rather than the cost per individual cycle, because that's the only number which is useful for you !
Thus , if one clinic charges Rs 2 lakhs, you might think that's a bargain as compared to a clinic which charges Rs 3 lakhs. However, if the pregnancy rate of the more expensive clinic is double that of the cheaper one, this means they actually provide far better value for money !

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