Monday, March 19, 2018

Mindless IVF overtesting

When an IVF cycle fails because of poor quality embryos, rather than acknowledge the fact that often the result for the poor quality embryos is a poor quality IVF lab, IVF doctors are happy to blame "abnormal genetics" as the cause for the embryo fragmentation.

They then send the poor patient off on a wild goose chase, by ordering expensive tests such as karytotype    ( chromosomal studies) , sperm FISH, and sperm DNA fragmentation, even though these are completely pointless and useless.

The truth is that most IVF doctors understand very little about the limitations of genetic tests, and are happy to pass the buck and clutch at straws by referring the patient to a "geneticist" !

Even worse , some will flat out tell the patient that their poor quality embryos are proof that the sperm or egg are genetically defective, and they need to use donor egg/ donor sperm/ donor embryo !

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