Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Is my IVF doctor taking me for a ride ?

A patient sent me this email.
I am going through an IVF cycle . Egg retrieval has already been done and as per the doctor's report , 10 embryos were formed.. Then we were told that instead of fresh ET , he will.go for frozen cycle , so that ovary comes to to.normalcy, and he started me on 21 days birth control pill. I am upset that he did not explain this to me before we started.
This month in this cycle (as today is day 13) my endometrium has reached only till 6.5 wherein last month it was 9mm. Is this normal?
If the transfer is not done in this cycle will there be a negative impact on my embryos due to prolonged freezing?
What should I do to increase my endometrium layer. Already having 2 x progynova tab  thrice a day..
Please help..am i being fooled by this IVF business? Or.is there something wrong with me?

It breaks my heart when I see how poorly IVF patient are treated by doctors.

A good doctor will define a treatment plan before starting the cycle , and not change this at the last minute,without  explaining to the patient why he is doing so. A good patient will speak up and ask for answers. The trouble is that patients are very vulnerable , and are very scared of upsetting or offending their doctor by asking questions, which is why they are forced to keep quiet. They bottle their resentment, but this comes bubbling forth when the cycle fails, and the reputation of all IVF doctors takes a beating !

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