Sunday, March 04, 2018

Is normal pregnancy possible after failed IVF treatment?

A patient sent me this email - 

Is normal pregnancy possible after failed IVF treatment? 
Patients often go to pieces after their IVF cycle fails. This is partly because they have very unrealistic expectations of IVF technology; and partly because their IVF doctors mislead them.

When  IVF clinics want patients to sign up for an IVF cycle with them, they are in "sell-mode" , and make all kinds of unreasonable promises, to convince the patient to come to them for their IVF treatment.

For example, the doctor is very bubbly and cheerful at the time of the embryo transfer, and tells the patient that all their embryos are Grade A and their chances of success are 90% . Patients are obviously thrilled, even though the doctor is clearly lying -and has not even bothered to give them photos of their embryos !

To add insult to injury, when the cycle fails, the doctor blames the patient, saying that she didn't rest enough; or that her body "rejected" the embryo !

The truth is that the commonest cause for IVF failure in India today is poor quality IVF treatment !

Many patients can and do get pregnant after a failed IVF cycle, especially if they have unexplained infertility; or medical issues  such as PCOD, which can be treated with simpler alternatives !

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