Thursday, August 17, 2017

The hurtful things people say to infertile women

One of the hazards of being infertile is having to cope with all the unsolicited advice you get from friends and relatives.

Anyone who has had a baby thinks they are an expert on babymaking, and they are happy to give you tons of gratuitous and uncalled for advice

They are often completely clueless about the basics of reproduction, but they believe that since you are not able to have a baby , you are the one who must be clueless, and they are happy to tell you how they got pregnant, so you can follow in their footsteps !

They will tell you all about the "fertile time"; how and when to have sex; who the best doctor is; and how their cousin got pregnant after going to a temple in Varanasi.

Please don't get irritated when they share this rubbish.

Yes it can be painful and hurtful, but remember that most of them are doing with good intentions. It's because they care for you and want to see you happy that they offer this well-meaning advice. Sadly, they don't understand how much pain they inadvertently cause you; or that a lot of the suggestions they offer are just old wife's tales, and are factually wrong !

Just nod politely ; smile and thank them for their concern and interest; and tell them that you are taking all the right steps by going to a medical expert, so they stop haranguing you.

If you feel they are doing it to harass you, then you need to fight fire with fire ! Ask them to show you their MD degree;  or offer to pay their medical consultation fees for all their expert advice - this will make sure they understand that it's best for them to keep quiet, rather than to hassle you !

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