Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Indians in the Gulf and infertility

One major problem which confronts Indian labourers in the Middle East is that of involuntary childlessness. Because they are forced to leave their wife behind in India, many of them get to spend only 1-2 months every year with their spouse. This obviously means that their chances of getting pregnant are very slim, as a result of which they are often labelled as being infertile. Now while they may not have any medical problems, this childlessness causes major social issues.

The wife feels inadequate, lonely and incomplete; and has to suffer all the taunts of her neighbours, because she doesn't have any children. The poor husband feels guilty, because he cannot do anything about this. This marital distress causes a lot of disharmony, and makes a bad situation worse.

Also, as the woman gets older, her fertility starts declining, and her chances of needing medical  assistance to have a baby go up as she ages, and her egg quality starts dropping.

Often these couples will seek medical assistance when the husband comes to India on his annual holiday, However, the care they receive is often poor and inadequate. They need to understand that time is at a premium for them, because if she does not get pregnant in this visit, she will have to wait for another year to try again.

For these couples, it's important to go to an infertility specialist, so he can expedite the process , without wasting valuable time. Ideally, the tests should be completed even before he comes to India, so no further time is wasted. The good news is that the tests for fertility are simple and inexpensive, and can be completed quickly.

For these patients, rather than wait for nature to take its own course, it's important to assist nature, so that they can complete their family as soon as possible. This is where IVF comes in, and the good news is that IVF treatment is easily available in India now, and the treatment can be completed in 15 days. We suggest that the husband freeze and store his sperm, so that the treatment can proceed in his absence as well.
Because the number of IVF clinics has risen steeply in India, this makes ‘choosing the best’ all the trickier. While most IVF doctors attract patients based on their marketing or word of mouth publicity, it is highly advisable that you undertake research before opting for any IVF doctor.

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