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Why patients feel abandoned by IVF doctors when their cycle fails

I just got this email from a patient.

Dear Dr Malpani, I have read your article online and am very much interested on any updates on your article or challenge to Clear Passage Therapy .

I have seen this Clinic referred to me by Natural Fertility online and so I went to their website and started the application process including the submission of my medical history.  I have gone thru 3 failed IVFs (2 fresh (w/ DNA bx of embryo) and 1 FET cycles), 1 natural pregnancy in between 1 IVFs, all miscarried on 5th week, 10th week, 0 pregnancy on my last IVF w/ DNA.  I was diagnosed by my Fertility Doctor at Kaiser with Right Blocked Fallopian tube (middle) thru HSG.

When I read about how to naturally unblock your FT using the KIT that can be purchased in Natural Fertility website, I immediately looked into it and was about to try to purchase it.  Along their email, they also recommended doing the natural massage therapy at CPT. So I looked into it and I got very excited, although I didn't expect it to be that pricey ($6,000 for 5 days), almost like the price of IUI.

I thought to myself "Oh well, what else is new, how people take advantage of people in need" - this is the sad reality of life.

I am hoping I can unblock my tube naturally and thus have a higher chance of getting pregnant again.  Me and my husband have been trying for almost 8 months now naturally using the OVIA kit plus Fertility Acupuncture, still unsuccessful.

Then I saw your article, different from the success stories that were on the first few top articles when you do a review of the IVF Clinic search in Google.

That's why I'm reaching out to you personally so I don't get ripped off again by Clinics who, as you mentioned, just accept patients, even if they really don't see that it's going to work for them, as long as they can pay.  That's how I felt with all my IVF doctors.  I didn't feel any bit of concern, empathy from any of the Clinics. To them I am just any other patient (patient #X), didn't really study my case well, didn't really give me best treatment. They are all so nice to you in the beginning and during the process. And when it didn't work, all of a sudden, boom, the doctor didn't seem to like remember you or just acts so indifferent.

So, going back to the reason of this email, has Clear Passage Therapy Clinic reached out to you and acted upon your challenge? Is it ok if I get any updates on this and I would thank you so much for helping me decide what's best for me and my husband in our continuous journey of trying to build a family.

God bless and I sincerely hope to hear from you.

Does your doctor refuse to answer your questions after your IVF cycle has failed ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I am 35.. I have low egg reserve with AMH level 0.16. I have been taking DHEA and CoQ10 and failed 2 IVF (2 egg retrieval 1 egg for each time but only 1 time 2 embryos transfer).
    Do I still have chance to do IVF and conceive with my own eggs?

    1. I agree this is frustrating

      Can you please test your antral follicle count by doing a vaginal ultrasound scan ? Read more at
      Can you send me more details about your IVF cycles ?

      You can see what embryos should look like at

      What were the meds which were used for
      superovulation ? What was the dose used ? How many follicles did you grow ? How many eggs were collected ? What was the E2 ( estradiol) level in the blood ? What was the endometrial thickness ?
      How many embryos were transferred ?
      What was the embryo quality ?
      Can you please send me the printed treatment summary from your IVF clinic ?

  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Hi doctor,

    It's me again.
    I don't have any photos of the embryos as the clinic didn't share with me or show me any photos of the embryos but they just told me it got fertilised and it was healthy. As for the blood test result... I missed place my report...I only remember it was 0.16 and the doctor said this is very very Low which I don't understand why when my Mother is so fertile she has 8 children and the youngest 1 was born when she was 38. All my sisters have at least 2 children... and why I am the only with such problem and I don't drink and smoke ... sorry, I should not whine here..

    Below are the treatment details:

    1st IVF
    Gonal F 300 iu (am)
    Menopur 150iu (am)
    Suprefact 0.04ml (am/pm)

    Follicle scan: 3 follicles found but only one size is progressing well the rest is a bit small but still trying to keep them but nearer the ER day the 2 smaller follicle disappeared

    Egg Retrieval (ER) RESULT: harvested 1 egg and got it fertilised. We decided not to Transfer and go through the injection again to get more eggs.

    2nd IVF
    Gonal F 450iu (am)

    Follicle Scan: 3 follicles found. Size so far okay.

    ER RESULT: harvested 1 egg. The rest are empty shell. Got it fertilised. This time we decided to transfer the only 2 embryos we have.

    Pre Embryos Transfer (ET)
    Progynova (3 times a day, 2 tablets each time)
    Cyclogest (Pm)

    After ET
    Progynova (3 times a day, 2 tables each time)
    Crinone 8% (am)
    Cyclogest (Pm)
    3 times Injection (done in clinic but I forgot the name)

    1. Where are the photos of your embryos ?

      This is not correct. You have a legal right to your medical records - every hospital has to provide them by law ! Please make a request for this in writing.

      The only tangible product an IVF clinic can deliver is embryos ! All good clinics provide embryo photos proactively and routinely

      Any clinic which does not provide embryo photos is a poor quality clinic.

      Please find a better clinic if you want to maximise your chances of success - one which does only blastocyst transfers and provides embryo photos routinely to all patients

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Noted, thanks so much for you advice!


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