Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fed up of being treated by assistants at your IVF clinic ?

I received this email from a doctor recently.

Dear Sir
I'm Dr BG, an orthopedic surgeon.
My sperm count is just 1 million per ml.
We have had 3 failed ICSI cycles.
In the first cycle , 10 eggs were retrieved and 5 embryos formed and day 5 blastocyst transfer  of 3 embryos was done. No embryos were frozen Second cycle 18 ova were retrieved, we got 8 embryos and 3 were transferred at blastocyst stage day 5.
In third cycle we changed our doctor, We got only 7 eggs 2 embryos and day 3 transfer was done
In all 3 cycles beta HCG was almost Zero.
Please guide us about what next can be done?
I'm very frustrated about the fact all the work in our cycles was done by the assistants of IVF experts. We felt that we were being treated by the assistants , and the IVF experts were just having an overview of treatment.
I'm very concerned about the fact that an IVF expert was not present at all the stages of cycle ; and was never actually involved in the process.
Please guide me and my wife about what we should do next.
Thanks and regards

Doctors are usually VIP patients, and get extra care and attention when they seek medical treatment for themselves. Imagine that if this is the way a doctor is being treated , how the other patients must be being mis-managed.

Sadly, this is the typical experience of most patients in IVF clinics today.

This is why we have made a conscious decision not to employ assistants. We provide all the treatment ourselves. We are  very hands-on, and this explains why our success rate is no high.

You can read about how we pamper our patients at

Is your IVF doctor always missing in action ? Are you looking for an IVF expert who will treat you himself ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !

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