Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Ask the Embryologist

Even though the IVF lab is the heart and soul of the IVF clinic, most IVF patients are clueless about what happens in the IVF lab. Many IVF doctors take advantage of this ignorance, and keep their patients in the dark about their embryos.

This is a tragedy.

Dr Sai is the Senior Embryologist at Malpani Infertility Clinic and will be happy to answer your questions, if the embryologist in your IVF clinic is inaccessible.

He says - The IVF lab plays an extremely important role in the success of your IVF treatment, and we are very proud of the work we do in helping you to have a baby.
I'll be happy to answer any queries you have ! Please email me at [email protected]

When we show our patients their embryos in our lab, this is often a highly emotional moment for them.
Here are some of the common questions they ask. I'd like to share my answers.

1) How do you grade embryos ?
Grading Multicellular Stage Embryos (Day 2 and Day 3 embryos) :

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