Sunday, October 09, 2016

The problem with going to a very busy IVF doctor

All infertile patients want to go the best possible IVF doctor so that they have the highest chance of being successful. This is why many prefer going to a very busy IVF clinic . They use his popularity as a surrogate marker for his technical competence. After all , the fact that he's very busy means that he's very experienced.  Isn't this why patients flock to him - because he's very good ?

Part of this is herd mentality , but it also makes sense . Someone who's very busy has seen lots of patients over his career, and has acquired a lot of expertise. He's quite like to know what to do, because he has most probably treated many .

However, this reasoning can be flawed. Just because he's experienced does not always mean he is an expert - after all, he may have 25 years of experience doing the wrong treatment every year ! Also, the risk is that because he's so busy, he may not be updated with the latest advances, as a result of which his advice maybe incorrect.

The real problem is that because he's very busy, he doesn't have enough time to spend on each individual patient . He's often so rushed that you may not get the individualized, personalized care you want from your doctor. Busy clinics are forced to use a "one-size fits all" policy because they follow standard cookie cutter treatment protocols which they cannot customise to your special needs.

This is why selecting the best IVF doctor becomes a very difficult situation for the patient . You can choose to go to someone who's less busy and will have more time for you - but on the other hand, he may not have as much experience . 

If you have failed an IVF cycle at an extremely busy clinic, and are looking for more personalised hands-on attention from an experienced doctor, you should select a boutique IVF clinic for your care.

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  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    I fully agree with your views Doctor and have had similar experiences. I am a patient from Bangalore and have had 4 failed IVF's - all with most prominent and very busy clinics where the Doctors were way too busy to attend to me personally. The waiting queues were very exhaustive and the time I got to meet the Doctors personally was just 5-10 mins each time. I was not convinced with the attention I was getting. The IVF Treatment is a combination of lot of sub treatments - and the Doctors who are very busy don't get involved in each stage of the sub-treatment- it is humanly not possible for them to do so due to large number of patients they attend to everyday, to me this was the biggest gap in my treatment. In the very busy clinics this is missing, there is no way a busy doctor would be there personally to monitor each phase of the treatment. I have been an ardent follower of your blog and that is how I reached out to you - I came to you last week with lot of trust and hope. The meeting with you just made me re-affirm my decision to take treatment under you. I knew the moment I met you and your wife - I would get personal care, great competency, individualised treatment, honesty and human touch from your clinic. Looking forward to meeting you again soon.

    1. Patients get the doctors they deserve ! It's worth taking the trouble to find the doctor who is right for you !


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