Monday, October 17, 2016

The Negative beta HCG

A negative beta HCG can often be the hardest thing for an IVF patient to deal with. There are so many hopes and dreams riding on the IVF cycle, and when the result comes back as negative, it can be very hard to deal with this failure. You feel that you are a failure, and that if even an advanced treatment like IVF has failed, this means you will never be able to have a baby .

You need to understand that a negative beta HCG only means that those particular embryos which were transferred into your uterus did not implant. It doesn't mean that your uterus is defective; or that you are doomed to remain childless; or that you will never get pregnant; or that your doctor was careless or negligent. Don't start catastrophising from one single negative beta HCG.

While most patients are mature enough to accept the failure of their first cycle, the problem becomes far worse when they have multiple failures. This becomes very hard for them to deal with, and even though they are otherwise extremely rational and intelligent, when this happens repeatedly, they often lose their ability to think logically . They start becoming extremely emotional and when they get desperate , they do silly things like trying out all kinds of unproven and untested treatments.

A  lot of websites are happy to sell you all kinds of potions because they want to take advantage of your emotional vulnerability, so you need to be on your guard that you don't get take for a ride.

Sadly, sometimes IVF doctors will take advantage of this situation by proposing all kinds of expensive and unproven tests and treatments,  such as intravenous immunoglobulin infusions. They promise the patient that this " treatment" will increase their chances of getting pregnant in the next cycle, but unfortunately this is not true.  However, a lot of patients end up wasting a lot of money on false hopes, , simply because they are so desperate that they cannot accept the reality that doctors cannot control the biological process of implantation.

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