Thursday, October 20, 2016

IVF success story for patient from Africa

After 7 year of infertility we came to Dr.  Malpani with hope of having a baby we felt empty as we always wanted a family. We put our trust in him that somehow he would help us overcome this incredible battle. Dr. Malpani gave us inspiration, support and love along the way.

We went to Egypt many times for normal treatment but all in vain, so after searching on internet for the best IVF clinic it happen I found Dr.  Malpani infertility clinic and every time I search it comes again then I pick interest, after word I start reading Dr.  Malpani newsletter every day, and it impressed me so must that if I didn’t go on Dr.  Malpani website one day I feel something is missing.

On May 2015 we decided to go to India to see my beloved Dr. and it happen that we meet him and he is so nice and since that time we know we are going to make it, the way he explain things are so clear and interesting. Then our miracle happened and I became pregnant with only one cycle of IVF.

We cannot thank you enough for making our family complete. We are beyond happy and extremely blessed with our bundles of joy! THANK YOU for your patience, dedication, professionalism and for the amazing support that we received!

“In our experience all we can say is that meeting with Dr. Malpani was the best decision we ever made because it resulted in us having the loveliest baby boy.”

I would recommend Malpani infertility clinic to anyone having trouble conceiving because the care and treatment we have received has been fantastic. We have been so lucky to have this on our doorstep.
Best regards

Emma Loro
From Africa

Emma's email address is [email protected]

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