Thursday, September 08, 2016

IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

As busy and happy professionals my husband and myself felt the desire to grow our family much later in our married life, about 2 years ago, after I quit working. After trying to conceive naturally we decided to explore IVF as an option. 

There were two main hurdles, firstly to accept IVF as it brings in lot of intervention, apprehension on how embryos are stored, side effects of medicines etc. Secondly after we explored some of the leading IVF specialists in the city it was not easy to zero in on the doctor (IVF specialist).

In some clinics, given the number of patients undergoing IVF procedures the treatment was not personalized. There were a number of assistant doctors but there was no mention of the lab or embryologist of the clinic and we got very little time with the renowned doctor we came for.

Some other doctors advised to undergo a laparoscopy to be treated for hydrosalphyinx before undergoing the IVF. It wasn’t clear by how much my chances would improve after this laproscopy. It left us confused, that’s when my husband scoured the web for information on IVF and came across Dr. Malpani ‘s clinic - cited as one of the top 5 IVF clinics in India/ Mumbai. His website is very informative and explained everything about hydrosalpinx and IVF in general in a very open transparent manner. We booked an appointment and there have been no regrets since then. 

There were many firsts in this clinic, which are most relevant to be cited here. Only Dr. Aniruddha & Dr. Anjali Malpani handle your case; there were no assistant doctors. Apart from their rich experience they are both extraordinary individuals who hand hold you through the IVF journey in the most responsible, open and caring way.

On our first visit he mentioned his state of the art laboratory, which is key in all infertility treatments. At the clinic we met Dr. Sai Prasad, a qualified embryologist, he answers all questions you may have and gives you a patient hearing.

The staff is friendly and competent; the clinic is run in a very efficient manner, the rooms are clean.

Before starting out, in response to my specific question on number of cycles, Dr. Malpani informed us we should be prepared for four cycles. My husband was of the view that we should be prepared for at least three cycles if we go ahead but I was ready for one single cycle.

When my very first cycle did not yield a positive result I was surprised but thought my system needs to get used to it and that we did get to the embryo stage after all! However, when I did not conceive in the second cycle, I was disappointed and angry. I desperately wanted to change something such as genetic testing etc. and find out if there was a problem. Dr. Malpani dissuaded me from any such wasteful testing and assured me repeating the cycle was the right way ahead as there were neither complications nor reasons to worry medically. Importantly he said he still believed that I needed up to 4 cycles to get there.

Had it not been for the positive reinforcement and care of the doctors I would have given up at this point, instead we did the third cycle and I still didn't make it. I was very sad, it occurred to me that this might not be happening cause its not meant to be! I stopped thinking and decided to take a break from IVF. For three months I pursued my hobbies seriously, things I had control on and enjoyed doing. We took a long and adventurous vacation and I thoroughly enjoyed my medicine and restriction free time!

When it was time to take a decision I reassessed, we still wanted the baby, and if I had come this far we must do the last fourth cycle and find out if its meant to be. During this cycle Dr. Anjali said I have to get pregnant in this cycle and I had no other choice. I was to treat this as a fresh start and think about the school my kid will go to eventually. I did just that and made sure to convert any negative thought along the way into a positive one. We did the 4th cycle no major change in treatment except for Dr. Anjali’s Midas touch and I got pregnant and yes it was meant to be! Perseverance pays lesson learnt !

I would like to emphasize that with all the uncertainties of conception through IVF or even otherwise, you give yourself the best chance for it with the help of competent and genuine doctors.

Embryo transfer procedure was done in the same professional and transparent manner on all the four occasions. Each time Dr. Sai showed us the embryos on the screen, with the labeling before transfer and in the last cycle he was most excited to inform us that they had thawed the embryos a day prior of transfer as this was giving them better results, he was genuinely excited you could tell. The doctors are very dedicated to constant improvement for better results and that is very reassuring. They were always there to reassess the situation each time and change course of action only if required. Dr. Aniruddha promptly responds to emails at all times. He called to check on me after the beta HCG test result each time. Above all both doctors don’t treat you like a patient but as a healthy individual who needs assistance or help in baby making.

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