Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Angst amongst doctors in India

This post has gone viral amongst  doctors in India

We live in a country where you can easily have services of a qualified doctor at midnight in 200 Rs but you can't get the services of a plumber or electrician at night for same amount.

We live in a country where a hospital is ransacked if one seriously ill patient dies unexpectedly but nothing happens when thousands die because of hunger,poverty and malnutrition every year.

We live in a country where patients are in extreme hurry while in a hospital but their patience is unmatched when they are in a court of law where their cases linger for generations.

We live in a country where doctors are called cheaters when they ask even for a reasonable fee  but corrupt bureaucrats and politicians are treated as celebrities despite siphoning off millions of tax payers hard earned money.

We live in a country where people generously spend  lacs in celebrating birth of a male child but feel cheated while paying Rs 5 thousand to  the hospital that  conducted safe delivery of the same child.

We live in a country where no hotel will offer you its airconditioned room in Rs.1500 for one whole day but many hospitals will offer you a bed in its airconditioned ICU with medicines,investigations,nursing care and a doctor whom you can thrash in case something goes wrong in Rs 1500 ( Thanks to schemes like RSBY).

We live in a country where a mob disappears in minutes when they are requested to donate blood for their loved ones but they appear in milli seconds when their beloved patient dies in the hospital , in order to abuse/beat the medical staff.


  1. Is this your write up Doctor or a popular one from the web?

    1. No, I have not written this. Don't know who the author is !

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Isn't this an emotional crap ? I wonder whether you find anything useful in this , is it even worth publishing ? Did this go viral ? ! If it has gone viral , then it shows how emotionally stupid doctors are !

    Not all patients are rude and not all doctors are true to their knowledge. Do you know where the problem is ? You doctors are very confused. On one side you want to do business and on the other hand you expect that patients must treat you as God ( even if many refuse to accept this , the truth is , many doctors do have an highly inflated ego ). Many doctors are happy to claim - ' I ' saved your life , ' I ' gave you a child. Then the ignorant patients start thinking , if he / she could save a life , then aren't they responsible for a life lost ! So if you people are businessmen , what's wrong when we act just as consumers ? Why can't you people accept that ? When you all decided to call your profession business , when corporate hospitals came into existence , we patients turned into consumers - what's wrong with it ?

    No one wants their doctor to be poor. On the other hand , doesn't every profession in this world has some basic ethical requirements ? If money is the only goal of a doctor why not he / she do something else which brings in much money ? I haven't come across a poor doctor until now , even if I come across a few , it's because they have voluntarily decided to live a simple life. And I know how such people are called nowadays - they are stupids who don't know how to earn money , right ?

    This problem is not unique to India , problems between doctors and patients exist everywhere. Commercialization of medicine is a necessary evil. You doctors always talk about the above crap. You forget that you and patients are not separate entities. Has any doctor raised his voice for subsidising medical facilities for the poor ? Has any of you ready to charge your patients depending on their income ? If you don't fight for the rights of ignorant masses , who else will do ? You feel no guilt in saying , if you cannot pay for my service , find someone whom you could afford ! When a doctor doesn't feel any guilt when saying so , there is something totally wrong with the system.

    India is a developing country and many live under poverty line. You can charge only accordingly. If anyone wants to charge their patients equal to what is charged in a developed world , perhaps this is not the place for them to practice medicine. It's a shame that money can determine whether you can live longer or not , whether you could have a baby or not. This clearly shows there is no higher power in this world. Hence there is need for doctors ( or other professionals ) who could be much more than a mere businessman. If few of the Indian IVF doctors really have the passion to make IVF affordable to the poor , it can be done ( even profitably ! ) . But no one has the passion or time to do such things.

    If we use only our brain and defend ourselves - nothing is wrong , nothing. There is much more than to brain and intelligent thinking in this world. It cannot be explained. It can only be felt.

    1. I am sorry you think this is crap and that doctors are emotionally stupid.

      Your comments explain why doctors feel abused and ill-treated, and why they feel they get a raw deal

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Of course it's an emotional crap. This shouldn't come from doctors ! OK , keep on spreading this , the situation isn't going to get any better , good luck ! When people are not ready for a good argument and continue to say what they want to say ( self - pity won't help ) .... nothing much can be done.


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