Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hallmarks of a bad IVF clinic

A patient just sent me this email
Now in September, I underwent IVF with donor eggs (frozen). Out of 7 donor eggs that were thawed, we got 2 embryos and 1 blastocyst (all A grade 8 cell embryos) which were transferred on day 3 and day 5 respectively. My endometrial lining was optimum when the transfer happened. My husband's sperm motility has always been very good according to the IUI and IVF doctors. However, bHCG is again negative and implantation did not occur. I have done HSG and Hysteroscopy tests prior to the IVF and everything were found to be normal. When we asked for ways to better our chances next time, my husband has been suggested the sperm DNA fragmentation and blood karyotyping tests while I have been suggested to undertake endometrium TB tests. We wanted to seek your opinion on undergoing these tests and your advice on other options to better our chances during the next IVF. Please feel free to ask further questions if any. Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

This patient is getting very poor medical care, and there are a number of red flags which suggest this.

1. Only 7 donor eggs were used. Good clinics will use at least 10 mature metaphase 2 donor eggs to maximise chances of a pregnancy

2. Her doctor did a sequential ( Day 3 plus Day 5) transfer. This suggests that the clinic did not have any confidence in the ability of their lab to consistently grow embryos to Day 5. Good clinics do only Day 5 transfer

3. When the cycle failed, they asked her to do a battery of tests. These are all useless, expensive tests which confirm that the doctor has no clue what he is doing. He is just mindlessly subjecting the poor patient to a lot of expensive and wasteful tests, which will not change her treatment options at all.  He is shooting in the dark, in the hope that he'll hit something.  The biggest danger is that one of the test results will come back as abnormal - and then the patient will be subjected to even more useless treatment, and will end up wasting even more time and money !

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