Thursday, January 29, 2015

The interminable IVF 2ww

Most IVF patients dread the two-week wait (2ww), which is often the most nerve-racking part of their treatment. The 2ww is a quiet two-week period of waiting and hoping , that follows a huge flurry of activity involving injections; scans; and visits to the IVF clinic for monitoring during superovulation, egg collection, and the embryo transfer. However, during the two-week waiting period, patients feel abandoned and alone.

Family doctor or IVF doctor? Help me please!

Doctors at IVF clinics tend to disconnect from their patients during this period and have less support to offer except the generic advice that they need to continue taking their luteal phase medication. During this phase , time seems to pass at an agonizingly slow pace. Moreover, they are often clueless as to what they should and should not do during this period.They are confused about the smallest of health problems , such as whether they should take antibiotics if they have a cough . Is it acceptable if their family doctor prescribes them a medicine , or do they need to go running to their IVF doctor ? Patients are scared that the medications may reduce their chances of success.

Family doctors are reluctant to treat even minor coughs and colds during the 2ww, as they know little about the IVF procedure, and are afraid of prescribing medicines that may unknowingly affect the patient's chances of success. They usually advise the patient to consult their IVF doctor. IVF doctors, on the other hand, are not interested in prescribing cold and cough medications - after all, they are IVF specialists !  This is why the poor patient is forced to shuttle between the family doctor and the IVF clinic. Patients feel abandoned, confused, and lost during this phase. They often are forced to suffer through many minor discomforts needlessly, because they are scared that taking any medication during their 2ww period will damage their embryos and cause the treatment to fail.

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