Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven Bad Things Bad IVF Doctors Do

A good IVF doctor can add tons of value to your quest for a baby. However , “good” can be a subjective term,  and the bitter truth is that not all doctors are good.

Here is a list of seven things IVF doctors do that might mean that they're not the right  doctor for you.

They Ignore Your Spouse

This is especially common with female doctors, who usually  all but ignore the poor husband, whose only job seems to be donating his sperm; and paying the bills. Every good doctor will talk to the couple since infertility is always a couple's problem !

They Talk Down to You

Not all patients are sophisticated, and many don't even take an interest in their medical treatment. Still, it's the duty of the doctor to explain to you why he suggests a certain course of action . If this isn’t the case be assertive , or switch doctors. Never let any doctor talk down to you or make you feel stupid.

They Put Their Interests Before Yours

Most patients feel that doctors have become very commercial, and are more interested in making money, than in helping you to have a baby. You need to ask the right questions and explore all your options, to make sure your doctor is giving you the right advice.

They Won’t Return Your Calls or Emails

A good IVF doctor, but if you are not important enough to them to rate a response in a reasonable amount of time , this isn’t right.  IVF patients need a lot of hand holding, and this is part of the doctor's job description. If the doctor you are paying won't bother to return your calls, then why keep paying them?

They Suggest That You Don’t Need a Second Opinion

Every good doctor understands that an independent second opinion can help to improve the patient's confidence levels in the treatment they are proposing, and will encourage patients to seek a second opinion. If his self-esteem is so low that he feels threatened when you want a second opinion, you should be concerned !

They Don’t Speak Their Mind

An important aspect of a healthy doctor-patient relationship is honest and open communication. This goes both ways. Patients might express a desire to pursue an experimental and expensive treatment which they have read about online, but a good doctor will not pander to the patient's demands, simply in order to keep them happy. A good doctor will tell the patient if he disagrees with the treatment, and provide reasons why. Yes, it is your money, but a good doctor will not let you throw it away !

They Recommend Expensive , Unproven Treatment

Patients are desperate and are happy to cling at straws, which is why they will often blindly obey what the doctor tells them to do . However, no good doctor will charge the patient for experimental treatments ( for example, immune therapy using IV immunogolubulins)  which have not been proven to be safe and effective using controlled clinical trials.

The Bottom Line

If your doctor displays any of these traits on a consistent basis , this might be a sign that it's time to find a new IVF doctor.

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