Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Misinformation about IVF

In fact marketing, paired with despair, can work well enough to convince people to demand treatments for which there is no scientific evidence and in spite of their own better judgment. Misinformation is the worst thing for patients trying to navigate the baby business. With so much information out there, it is difficult for people to separate fact from fiction.

This situation is much worse in India, where most patients are not sophisticated enough to do their own homework. They naively trust everything their doctor tells them - and this blind faith can be disastrous in many cases.

The only solution to this problem is Information Therapy !

The major advantage of providing information online is that it encourages openness and transparency. While doctors may take advantage of a poor patient's gullibility within the four walls of the clinic, they know they will get into serious trouble if they lie on their website. This helps to keep them honest.

It would be ideal if the Health Ministry ( for example, the ICMR) took ownership of this problem, and create educational materials about IVF  in the major Indian regional languages. Because this information was neutral and was being published by the Government, patients could trust this.

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