Thursday, October 30, 2014

IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

Hi to all the couples who want to graduate into parenthood.
It can be really traumatizing to not conceive naturally and the first question is why us??

I felt equally low and was in denial for quite sometime to accept there is something wrong.
Obviously after sometime we started looking for medical help.

Me and my husband fell under the category of unexplained infertility for my first child.
We went ahead for IUI and I conceived in my very second cycle ( at that time we lived in the USA). I was 31 years old when I delivered my first baby.
Everything looked pretty simple and we had our first baby.
Soon after that we moved back to Mumbai.

As soon as my baby was 2years we started trying for our second baby but to our luck we were once again not able to conceive naturally. ( contrary to everyone saying second baby is always quick)

We consulted Dr Malpani in August 2013 and he suggested we try naturally for a couple of months but if things don't workout to do some blood tests and get back to him.
In Dec I came back to Dr with my reports which indicated low AMH levels.
He straight suggested us to go for IVF.
I was just not ready for it and was again in denial that my first baby is IUI so I should def be able to conceive by the same treatment plan.
He was categorically clear it will not work.
I consulted other doctors and they said u don't need IVF.
I took 3 cycles of IUI but no luck.
I was then suggested to go for laparoscopy, that's when I realized I am being taken for a medical ride.
I went to Dr Malpani and we started our treatment.
I conceived in my second cycle of IVF.
He was clear since this is your second baby we will not transfer more than 2 embryos.

The complete process was stress free. The staff at the clinic is Superb.
There is a positive Aura in this clinic which makes everything so easy.
Dr Aniruddha & Dr Anjali just put you to so much ease that you feel relaxed in your mind, which is so important for conception.
No guilt trips for your weight, food habits etc etc.

I am thankful to both of them and their team from the bottom of my heart.
Their approach to the whole process is extremely professional and extremely compassionate.

God Bless Always!

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