Monday, July 28, 2014

Doctors polish soft skills to deliver tough news

The Times of India has a great article on how physicians and surgeons in India are attending creative and communication workshops to help increase their patience towards patients.
Doctors can learn how to be patient from their patients ! 


  1. Aparna2:15 PM

    Dr. Malpani, I am 39 years old and this time I used donor eggs as I had repeated miscarriages with my own eggs. My ET happened on July 24th. Since I had developed an abscess with those progesterone injections last time, the doctor advised me to use only Crinone 8% vaginal gel twice a day. Is that much progesterone sufficient if at all a pregnancy occurs? Did I make a mistake in not taking those injections?

    1. Yes, the Crinone gel is effective and works well

      Best of luck !

  2. Aparna3:13 PM

    Thanks so much for your response doc, I am feeling relieved!


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