Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our IVF success story

My husband and I have turned 30 now and have been married for 5 years. As we stay in a joint family there was lots of pressure for having a baby since second year . As we tried naturally 2 years but things did not turned out as we had planned . Then we decided to consult doctors for our
problem . We went couple of big doctors in Mumbai and undergone many test but didn’t find any good chemistry with any of them . As one of our family members had been treated in Dr Malpani clinic successfully , we decided to consult Dr Malpani. We read the reviews about Dr Malpani and were very impressed with the amount of information on their website at

After meeting Dr Malpani , all my negative vibes about doctors turned positive . Dr Malpani explained and treated us so well that we never expected doctors could be so calm and patient and give so much time and answer all the questions. He cleared all the confusion and doubts and made us believe that we could also have a baby.

                I started with my cycle in Jan 2013 and with my first IUI got a positive beta HCG . We were very happy as the first cycle itself succeeded . However, I miscarried and I was shattered . I gathered my courage and went back to Dr. Malpani after 3 months. Dr. Malpani was kind and understood what state I was going through and made me win my confidence in myself again. After that, two IUI failed. Then he suggested me to step ahead and do IVF. I started my IVF in Jan 2014. The injections are no fun, but every time I met Dr. Malpani , he destressed me and helped me to accept whatever is happening  positively.

        The best part of Dr. Malpani is that he himself monitors and takes efforts for the patients . He ( and Dr Anjali ) do the scanning themselves. They understand the patient deeply and do not rely on reports of another doctor. He takes care and checks that  all the proper medicines and injections are taken and explains the whole procedure very gently and clears all doubts. I got pregnant in the very first IVF cycle done in Malpani Clinic. Now I'm 13 weeks pregnant and am very thankful & grateful to Dr. Aniruddha & Dr. Anjali Malpani, and their whole staff , who every time gave us blessings & well wishes. All the staff & nurses were very supportive during all the treatments & procedures.

        We are very glad that we took very wise decision and went to Dr.Malpani and followed his treatment. 

Deepak and Shweta Soniminde

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