Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My experience at Malpani Infertility Clinic

I have done 3 IVFs with a leading IVF clinic in south Mumbai ( with Dr X ) and 1 with Dr. Anjali & Aniruddha Malpani. Dr. Malpani is without a doubt the place to go for your IVF treatment.

Here's a comparison of my personal experience with both doctors.

1. Dr. X's clinic felt more like a Mumbai local train, where hoards of patients jump on and jump off. We would end up waiting at her clinic for hours, for a simple 5 minute ultrasound procedure or an extremely brief consultation with the doctor. The experience at Dr. Malpani's clinic was the exact opposite. Their administration was so effective that we would hardly have a few minutes wait, and the personal time with the doctors was way above our expectation. Dr. Mrs. & Mr. Malpani each gave us a lot of personal attention, advice and face time. We were able to comfortably put forth all our queries, and they answered each and every one of them to our satisfaction.

2. At Dr. X's clinic, we were never really given proper information about the IVF protocol being used. Her staff would incompetently rush us through it. There was always this sense of someone waiting in line behind you, so they have to rush through everything. At Dr. Malpani's clinic, the doctors personally explain the entire protocol, the reason why they are choosing to opt for it, and
will gladly answer all your questions. They believe is knowledge is power, and will give you a very clear picture of what to expect.

3. While this is not related to the actual IVF process, you can expect to drive around for an hour to find parking around Dr. X's clinic, then wait in a long line for the elevator, finally followed by hours of wait (pretty much half the day) to meet with the doctor for a brief 5 minutes. This tremendously builds to the frustration of already going through an IVF cycle. Once again, the experience at Dr. Malpani's clinic is the exact opposite. We never had trouble finding a parking spot, there is no waiting for the elevator and most importantly, the wait to meet with the doctors is hardly a few minutes. And once you are in front of them, you can take your time asking all the questions, and they answer them with a smile. When you are in front of either Dr. Anjali or Aniruddha Malpani, their entire attention is with you, and they do not rush you through the personal meetings. To me, this was extremely comforting.

4. Now, here's a shocker!! During my 3rd IVF cycle with Dr. X, she forgot the day of my embryo transfer. I had gone through all those heavy medications, starved the entire day to prepare for the transfer, and when we arrived at her clinic for the appointment, she was on her way out for some
other appointment. As a result, she had to rush through my transfer. Right then I knew this was going to be a failed IVF attempt. The experience at Dr. Malpani was very different. Their staff calls you in a timely manner, reminding you of the embryo transfer appointment, and once again runs you through the preparation required prior to the transfer. Kudos to the staff as well.

5. At Dr. X clinic, we never got to see our embryos, not even a picture of them. They did not even bother to inform us of the embryo grades. At Dr. Malpani's clinic, we were personally shown owe embryos, given a picture of them, and informed that they were all grade A embryos.

6. Dr. X keeps sending you across Mumbai to get your blood test done at a specific clinic and to a medical shop in Central Mumbai to collect your injections. Clearly, there is a kick back involved. Going to various places for these tests and medicines added to our frustration and inconvenience. Dr.
Malpani, on the other hand, is a one stop shop. You get all the medicines at his clinic, and they even do the blood collection right at their clinic.

7. At Dr. X's clinic, they do not believe in maintaining the dignity of a woman. The ultrasounds and embryo transfers are done with a dozen other girls/women waiting in line (and male attendants around), with a flimsy curtain used for privacy that hardly covers the room. The discomfort is beyond
imagination. Dr. Anjali Malpani is very strict about ensuring that the woman feels comfortable during all these procedures, and her privacy/dignity is given utmost importance.

8. During the entire IVF process with Dr. X, we hardly interacted with her for a few brief minutes. As a result, we could not connect with her at a personal level, something I feel is important to do when going through such an important procedure in your life. Dr. Anjali & Aniruddha Malpani effortlessly
connected with me at a personal level, and that made me feel so comfortable through the IVF process. The positivity that they convey is highly commendable, and this trickles down to their staff as well. Nurse Lizzy and Pramodini were all a pleasure to interact with. Together, they ensured that my stress levels were in control.

The above is my personal (first hand) experience. If you wish to personally contact me, please feel free to send me an email to [email protected]. My name is Reema Sharma and I will be more than happy to answer your queries, even share my IVF reports from both clinics.

Wish all you ladies a successful IVF. And for all the husbands reading this, please bear with your women, they are going through a lot :)


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