Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How to get the Best Medical Care - Free Comic Book !

The Indian healthcare system is ailing. There are too many patients, and not enough doctors . The increasing tension and mistrust between doctors and patients is just making a bad situation even worse !

We believe that patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource – and that Information Therapy – the right information at the right time for the right person – can be powerful medicine !

Information Therapy helps patients get better medical care by
Promoting SelfCare , and helping them to do as much for themselves as they can
Helping them with Evidence-Based Guidelines , so that they can ask for the right medical treatment that they need – no more and no less
Helping them with Veto Power, so they can say No to medical care they don’t need, thus preventing overtesting and unnecessary surgery .

This comic book will help you become a smarter patient !

If you are ill, or have a friend or relative who is, please do share this with them !

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