Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Should I change my IVF clinic ?

Patients do an IVF cycle with high hopes. They invest a lot of time and energy in selecting the right IVF clinic and are very optimistic as to the outcome of the cycle. However , when the cycle fails , their confidence is shaken . They are not sure whether they should do another cycle in the same clinic , or if they should change clinics.

Now just because the IVF cycle has failed does not mean your doctor is incompetent or that you should automatically start hunting for a new doctor. Changing doctors is never easy. You have an emotional relationship with your doctor and he understands your medical problems. Going through the hassle of finding a new clinic and starting all over again can appear to be quite a daunting exercise. However, because changing clinics can be a time consuming and painful procedure, a lot of patients will mindlessly continue doing cycle after cycle in the same IVF clinic , even though they're not happy with the doctor or the care they are receiving.

Neither of these approaches is acceptable . There is no need to change your doctor just because one cycle fails , provided you are happy with your doctor; and he is accessible; empathetic;  and shares information with you . On the other hand, if you're not happy with your doctor, it’s stupid to stick with him just because he has your medical records !

When should you consider changing IVF clinics ? There are a number of red flags which signal you may be getting poor care.

1.     If the doctor does not have time to answer your questions and you feel abandoned when the cycle fails
2.     If the doctor starts pushing you to consider using donor eggs or donor embryos or surrogacy without a good reason
3.     If the doctor does not give you photos of your embryos
4.     If the doctor refuses to sit down with you to analyse the possible reasons for failure ; and the only answer you get is – We did our best. The rest is in God’s hands.

If your cycle has failed, you should always get a second opinion from an IVF specialist, to make sure you are on the right track. This is a simple, low-cost option, which should be routine after an IVF failure.

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