Monday, November 04, 2013

My ICSI Success Story at Malpani Clinic, Colaba, Mumbai

I am writing to thank Dr A Malpani and his team from the bottom of my heart for helping in realization of having a baby to enjoy parenthood. I underwent a successful ICSI procedure at Malpani Infertility Clinic on Aug 2, 2013 and now I am 3 months pregnant with twins. We are very very happy and do not have words to express our feelings and the respect we have for Dr Anirudha Malpani , Dr. Anjali Malpani and entire team. We had all along heard that a Doctor is next to God,we firmly believe it now.

It all started in the year 2012, 4 years after our marriage. After weighing the options available, we decided to go ahead with IUI procedure. I had 2 IUI done. Ours was unexplained infertility. All reports were normal. After trying for 2 years and having 2  IUI done we started thinking of IVF. We visited many renowned hospitals in Mumbai.
We heard about Malpani Clinic from one of our friend and also read about the clinic through internet.  Finally we went to meet Dr. Malpani then we never thought of other option. The positivity and motivation that we got from Dr. Malpani encouraged us to go ahead with the procedure at Malpani Clinic only.

The ICSI procedure started on 2nd March ,2013 which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy.

Then again In August 2, 2013, under the able guidance and watchful eyes of Dr A. Malpani and Dr (Mrs) Anjali Malpani, we went across 2nd ICSI procedure.The complete staff of the Clinic were very friendly and helpful and attended to my each and every query and requests. Each passing day increased my confidence and made me feel that I am in safe and competent hands. The treatment took approximately 20 days and ICSI was done on 20th Aug 2013.We almost cried with joy when we were shown the embryos by the embryologist on the monitor. It was truly remarkable and we have to see it to believe it. It was a job well done by one of the best and most competent pair of hands.
Now I am pregnant. This is my 3rd month of pregnancy with twins.

Visiting Malpani Infertlity Clinic has sure changed our lives. We thank God for the day we took the decision to visit Mumbai and meet Dr A Malpani. I would recommend other couples with similar problems to immediately visit Malpani Infertility Clinic to get their problems sorted out. I am confident that your interaction with Dr A Malpani will change your outlook towards the problem and you will feel more optimist and confident.

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