Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baby after 4 miscarriages - a success story with a difference !

It was the 6th year of my wedding anniversary and we were badly missing being parents. I had gone through the emotional and physical trauma of 4 first trimester miscarriages followed by D&C operations.

I was tired of visiting doctors and briefing them about all the miscarriages, blood tests and sonography. All the reports seem to be normal and none of the doctors from Leelavati, Jaslok and several such hospitals could firmly state the cause of our problems. Every doctor wanted to do tests such as hysteroscopy to check if there is any issue. Every doctor dad a different theory and plan. Some of them convinced me that my eggs were bad and could not give rise to a successful pregnancy.

We did not want to get into any experimental mode which would require surgery or cause risks. I started surfing the internet and found details of Dr. Malpani. We met him and in our first visit itself he diagnosed that I had occult polycystic ovarian disease, which could cause missed abortions ; and he advised me just one pill which would regulate my hormones , which were abnormal in the blood reports .

I met him just thrice in the clinic and that's it. Doctor explained to us very nicely that  we could have our own kids by trying in our bedroom; and that the medicine he prescribed, metformin , had helped lot of couples with similar problem. It was a visit of hope. I did not have to go back to the clinic again ! No more visits to the clinic for tests and checks.

I conceived within 2-3 months of treatment. All the further treatment was conveyed thru email and reports of blood tests and sonography were sent to him thru mail. Ask them any doubt and within hours he would reply.

We have a 4 yrs old baby girl now and and am 3 months pregnant with our 2nd baby. And nobody could believe  that I had just spent Rs. 2000 only - on just the consultation . No surgeries, no unnecessary tests.
Just plain talent, in depth knowledge of his subject and a genuine wish to help couples have their babies.
Infertility specialists generally are interested in advanced treatments like IVF and surrogacy , as there is is lot of money involved , but I am happy that there are still doctors who don't work only for money.

We are very thankful to Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. May God bless him always.

Swati Dangat

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