Friday, March 01, 2013

IVF failure - what to do when your IVF cycle fails

This is a guest post from one of our expert patients !

If your path to the discovery of the fact that you are infertile has been anything like mine, then you would have gone through a roller coaster of emotions.... namely shock, anger, acceptance and finally you would have made a decision to act. Well at least in today's times there is a possibility to "act", but wait a sec, there is still no guarantee of a positive outcome.

If you know anything about statistics, you can use a decision tree to map out the IVF process; if you are a statistics freak you can even populate it with probability scores to help you decide the best approach. While it's easy to map a statistical model , the IVF process is more complex mainly because emotions are involved - and we all know that women are very emotional creatures. It is not easy to handle the stress of unknown outcomes; particularly when the issue is so personal. While the IVF process gives us infertile couples hope, the journey to a successful cycle is paved with lots of hurdles. Add emotional highs and lows and you can see how even one cycle can turn out to be a harrowing experience.

I have experienced a failed IVF cycle and when asked how I remained positive through it all I thought about my approach. I discovered that I did a few simple things that helped me maintain my cool and remain upbeat. I share this with you in the hope that your IVF cycle doesn't turn into a depressing and unpleasant experience for you.

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I learned  a lot  - and I am sure you will too !
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