Monday, March 11, 2013

How to become a good IVF patient !

Being an IVF specialist is very satisfying, and we enjoy helping couples to complete their family ! However, we do expect our patients to do their homework , and our ideal patients are intelligent people who understand what we are doing for them - both our abilities and our limitations. We prefer these patients because they: listen to us carefully and ask pertinent questions participate in their treatment and take informed decisions understand that we are working towards their success work in tandem with us and contribute with good ideas are patient and understand that results take time take our advice seriously and respect that we walk the talk.

 While there's a lot of information about the criteria which patients should use to identify a good IVF doctor, there's very little on what patients can do in order to be come good patients !

Here's an article which teaches you to become a good IVF patient !

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